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Ron Bentley whitewolf at sabinenet.com
Sun Aug 12 20:25:43 PDT 2001

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The Shire of Greywood is pleased to announce that a special 3-D tournament
is planned for the Battle of the Pines.  (October 13-15)
    The Just Archery Bow Club of Jasper, Texas has graciously loaned the
shire the use of up to 20 3-D targets.  For those that are unfamiliar with
3-D tournaments, the targets are in the form of an animal.  Each animal has
a kill zone from which the scores are derived.
    If you wish to view the type of targets that are being used for the
archery shoot you can see examples at www.mckenziesp.com/mcktarget1.htm
    The archer with the top score at the end of the tournament will be
proclaimed Shire of Greywood archery champion.  There will also be a youth
and children's (divided by age) archery competition.  A practice range will
be setup for a practice before the shoot.

Aaron Whitewolf
Archery Marshal for the Shire of Greywood


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