[Ansteorra-announce] The Company of the Grail

bowermanm bowermanm at mail.ev1.net
Tue Aug 14 09:49:59 PDT 2001

To all who  read this message greetings,
I recommend myself to you.  The Company of the Grail will be
having a meeting at the upcoming Stargate Baronial event in
Houston, Texas.  Please feel free to come by and ask questions,
and share drink at our board.  We will be located in the yellow
and green Gallery, or tent neer the list field.  Please also feel
free to visit our web page at
http://geocities.com/rodrigodenavarra.  The Company of the Grail
has been created in the image of tournament societies of the 14th
and 15th centuries.  We promote the practice of the pas d’ armes
tournament format, and the pursuit of the romantic knightly
virtues.  Membership is not based upon rank, or station, but
rather the desire to pursue the knightly virtues through a period
format practiced by our ancestors.  Any questions regarding the
company may be directed to Lord Rodrigo de Navarra.  Rodrigo my be
reached by email, or phone.  Rodrigo can also be reached at the
Stargate/Loch fighter practice every Tuesday at 7:00PM -10:00PM,
located at UH Central campus Gate#13.

Email :  bowermanm at ev1.net

Phone:  281-457-3775 (please no calls after 9:00PM)

In Service,

Lord Rodrigo de Navarra

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