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Forwarded at the request of Mistress Siobhan O'Rourke, who knows
the folks in the troupe and tells me that they do a _superb_ job.

> From: Ken Mayer <ken at goldenstag.net>
> Subject: [sca-west] Golden Stag Player Update
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> (If someone out there has access to the Ansteorran mailing list, please
> forward this ... Also, if you have Garick and/or Talitha's email, as I'm
> not sure if either of them is reading SCA-West at the moment, and I can't
> find their addresses, could you forward this to them? Thanks in advance! --
> Hirsch)
> For those interested:
> The Golden Stag Players (a West Kingdom acting troupe) will be attending
> the Commedia dell'Austin Festival next month (quite literally in three
> weeks). For those interested in checking out the schedule (we realize most
> people in The West can't get to Austin just to go see us perform, but ...
> there has been interest by those who read SCA-West), we are scheduled to
> perform Monday Sept. 10 through Thursday Sept. 13 at The Hideout. We are
> also scheduled to perform at the Ruta Maya Coffee Shop on Friday the 14th.
> For details on the festival:
> http://users.ev1.net/~brighella/cda/
> And more specifically actual performance dates/times:
> http://users.ev1.net/~brighella/cda/schedule.html
> If you know someone who will be in Austin around that time, please suggest
> that they come see us.
> Also, for those interested, we are still selling tshirts, both the West
> Kingdom Populace Badge *and* the Golden Stag Player shirts (these are the
> same shirts we'll be wearing to Austin). If you want more detail about the
> shirts, please visit our website:
> http://www.goldenstag.net/players/Shirts/
> (Michael and Iana should be at Purgatorio taking orders, as well, if they
> are, we'll do a presentation in court, with Their Majesties permission, of
> course.)
> Or you can visit the full GSP website at:
> http://www.goldenstag.net/players
> We plan on learning a lot while there, and thereby improving our
> performance, which you will be able to see at 12th Night!
> Thanks to everyone who has provided support and assistance by purchasing
> tshirts, or Annotated History CDs (I'll have some at Purgatorio!), or other
> donations (we've had a couple of anonymous donations!) to help us out.
> Hirsch von Henford
> Golden Stag Players
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