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Thu Aug 23 23:58:06 PDT 2001

Greetings to all!
              This bandwidth is being used to answer some questions and
clarify some points on the previous email. You do not need to be an
authorized chivalric fighter to participate in this event.  A quick
"authorization" and demonstration class will be taught to ALL participants
where chivalricly authorized or not.  Rules pertaining to the event fall
under the youth ages 10-12 boffer division rules.  See
http://lonestar.texas.net/~catsden/PartHbk/   However, in order to even out
the lyst for those afraid of going against a 250+lbs 6'5" individual the
blow calibration format will be touch kill only.  You will be considered to
be armored in a loin cloth (please don't show up in one though).  At this
point shields are still allowed for the melee but may change depending on
the number of participants.  Everyone remember your neck protection.  See
rules for what qualifies.  There will be some weapons provided at the site
but these may be taken up quickly so if your kids already have one, bring
it.  Don't worry, they barrow everythings else of your (and many times don't
give back!) so this ought to be a good change.
  To the light fighters who read my last message.  Just to clarify, when I
said "donate" your spare masks or loaner gear I meant strictly to lend for
this event only.  Anything you bring, use, or loan at the event will be
given right back when you ask for it...unless it's food. :-p  My contact
numbers are listed below if there are any futher questions.

"A mind is a wonderful thing to play with."

In service to the King......(cute redheads, and those who feed me meat),
Lord Einego Olerkari Guzman

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>Greetings to all!
>  As previously announced an adult boffer event will happen at Kings Lancer
>this coming weekend, August 24-26, at Rohan Farm in Loch Soilleir.  This is
>open to all adults and should provide some great entertainment even to
>who are not chilvalric fighters.
>   Although on very short notice I ask a boon of all light fighters who
>extra fencing masks to please bring them to donate to this event.  If we
>have enough masks and participants we may have be able to have a full
>   For all of those who plan to bring their own boffer weapons please be
>sure they coinside with the youth boffer standards but as always will be
>inspected at the site (this includes boffer pork chops, legs of lamb,
>snakes, purple dragons, and boffer crabs).  Since this is a touch kill
>event, full plate armor is highly discouraged. Who wears full plate in
>Ansteorra anyway?  If you have any questions regarding this you can reach
>at the numbers listed below.
>"A mind is a wonderful thing to play with."
>In service to the King......(cute redheads, and those who feed me meat),
>Lord Einego Olerkari Guzman
>Home# 713-378-4339
>or if you're already in the Houston area
>pager# 281-738-4063

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