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Mon Aug 27 11:51:55 PDT 2001

Salutations good gentles all, I reccommend myself to you as your
humble sevant HL Antoinette du Bourgogne.  I am writing this
missive in reply to the query for seamstresses made by Sir Alexis
La Bouche.  My lord husband is Lord Rodrigo de Navarra and he has
been outfitted by my hands using the designs that Sir Alexis spoke
of.  Anyone who wishes to see my work regarding fitted hose and
arming coats, need only look at my gracious lord.  I would offer
my services and those interested may contact me for fitting and we
shall discuss payment at that time, as I do not wish to sully this
board with so lurid a topic as coin.  May the Blessed Lady keep
you and yours.

In Service,

HL Antoinette du Bourgogne
antoinetteb at ev1.net

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