[Ansteorra-announce] Namron Protectorate List Formats

Maleah maleah at mmcable.com
Fri Aug 31 18:56:12 PDT 2001

Greetings to all the fighters of Ansteorra,
    Below is listed the formats for both the Chivalric and Rapier lists at
Namron Protectorate. Our Protector and Rapier Champion have chosen to honor
the past and current Barons and Baronesses of Namron in celebration of our
25th Anniversary. Any questions should be directed to Sir Asoph, Don Modius
or Ourselves. The list will be the traditional Namron Swiss Five format with
the following modifications:


Round One will honor Baron Bjorn Magnusson Esping
Weapon will be Madu & Sword (madu will be provided)

Round Two will honor Baron Olaf of Kharkov
Weapon will be Mace and Shield

Round Three will honor Baron Pepin Moroni
Weapon will be Consorts' Choice

Round Four will honor Baron Aethelstan Aethelmearsson
Weapon will be Sword and Shield

Round Five will honor Baron Ulf Gunnarsson
Weapon will be Great Sword


Round One will honor Baroness Gwyneth of Ramsey Mere
Weapon will be Main Gauche and Buckler

Round Two will honor Baroness Caitlin Anna ni Sheanain
Weapon will be Consorts' Choice

Round Three will honor Baroness Claryce Raphael Orfevre
Weapon will be Rapier and Dagger

Round Four will honor our current Queen of Love and Grace, Countess Sara
Weapon will be chosen and posted at a later date

Round Five will be chosen by myself and Don Modius just before the round.

Fighters, come prepared for a day of fighting unrivaled in the Known World.
We choose our Champions from the best!!!

Maleah Farasha Raushana bint Abdullah al-Asani
Baroness of Namron

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