[Ansteorra-announce] Their Royal Highnesses Travel Schedule

Jhan Knebel rixende at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 1 12:23:30 PDT 2001

Unto the Great and Noble Populace of the Kingdom of
Ansteorra come greetings from Lady Rixende de Rouen,
Privy Secretary to Their Royal Highnesses Duncan and
Larissa. I bring news of Their upcoming travels, and a
request from Her Highness.

Her Highness Larissa is allergic to Sulphites in any
form. Therefore, Her Highness requests that you inform
Her of the contents of any form of alcoholic beverage
She is given. This also means that Her Highness can
not have any uncooked wine.

On behalf of Their Highnesses, I am publishing Their
Progress. As always, this schedule is subject to the
discression of Their Highnesses.

June 8-16 Lillies

June 22-24 Lindenwood Masked Ball

June 29-30 Academy of the Bow

July 6-8 Coronation

July 13-15 Ansteorran Heraldic Symposium

July 27-29 Queen's Champion

August 3-5 Red Tape

August 10-19 Pennsic

Aug 31- Sept 2 Gothic War

September 7-9 Stargate Baronial

September 14-16 Defender of the Fort

September 21-23 Elfsea Defender

September 28- 30 Bryn Gwlad Baronial (Duncan)

September 28-30 Wiesenfeuer Baronial (Larissa)

October 5-7 Crown Tournament

October 12-14 Namron Protectorate

October 19-21 Bjornsburg Baronial

November 2-4 Kingdom A&S

November 9-11 Three Kings

November 16-18 Autumn Melees

November 29- December 1 Central Regional Tribute

December 7-9 Stargate Yule Revel

December 14-16 Dragonsfire Tor Yule Revel

January 18-20 Coronation

I will be contacting the Autocrats of events that
Their Highnesses plan on attending approximately one
month before the event. Please feel free to contact me
before then if you have any questions regarding Their
attendance at your group's event.

Ever in service to Their Royal Highnesses and

Lady Rixende
(817) 797-1988

Lady Rixende de Rouen
Privy Secretary to TRH Duncan and Larissa, Ansteorra
Apprentice to Mistress Signy Dimmridaela
http://www.timelessbeads.com       rixende at timelessbeads.com
Wer wagt sehr, macht sehr

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