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GuyLestran@aol.com GuyLestran at aol.com
Sat Jun 2 16:13:38 PDT 2001

This group is for the squires of Knights and students of Masters-At-Arms of
Ansteorra to freely pass information to both improve themselves and the
kingdom. Squires/Students joining this group should state who there
knight/master is in their intial email so we know who everyone is.   The
group is only open to squires/students at this point.   This group is to pass
along and share ideas on where we are and how we might want to get were we're
going.   It is not a place to talk about how great our knights/masters are
(we all know that already), though passing along ideas are fine.   I'd like
to use this as a place where we can bounce ideas off each other and use them
to improve ourselves. As members of the group are knighted (or whatever) they
will be removed from the list (there's another group for them).

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