[Ansteorra-announce] Warlord thank yous

jhirling@houston.rr.com jhirling at houston.rr.com
Sun Jun 10 14:48:43 PDT 2001

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather and came to Kingdom Warlord.  We regret the 
circumstances which made it impossible for so many of you to come.  We hope all is well with you 
and yours.  Thanks to Their Majesties Jason & Saereid and Their Excellences Godwin and Elissena, a 
laid back, enjoyable and safe time was had by all.

Approxinately 50 people attended including folks from as far away as Namron and Wiesenfeuer, and 
one local bull (back for a return engagement from Stargate Baronial).  Congratulations to Lords Guy 
le Strange, new Kingdom Warlord, Randall der Krieger, Tournament Champion, and Eliberio Antolinez 
Sancho del Mar, Coastal Warlord.  Also, congratulations to Her Excellence Cateau, A& S victor (on-
site embroidery).  

We especially want to thank Lord Griffin ap Rhy who not only helped with set up but defied the 
elements to rejoin us Saturday just in time for take down.  Also, special thanks to HL Julianna Vertue 
for carrying through with the A&S competition.  We are grateful to Lord Malachai Morgan, Lady Klare 
mitten Katten and TE Ulsted & Cateau for work on set-up, and Lord Stephan macThomas and Lady 
Tegan Gwyllt for help thoughout Saturday and during take down.    

We also wish to express our appreciation to Lady Lorraine Frazier for an stunning equestrian list 
field, to HL Annes for her (usual) 'beyond the call of duty' gate work, and Mistress Hillary Greenslade 
(and crews) for the penannular brooch tokens.

To those who prepared dishes for the 'feast of favorites' . . . thanks so much . . . eat hardy . . . and turn 
in your receipts.  (BTW, the progressive dinner begins at HL Signy's for breads, cheeses and butters, 
moves to Lady Klare's for salad, traverses to Lady Katya's for soup, journeys for roast meats and 
tabouli to the home of TE Godwin and Lissa, then scatters for deserts at the homes of Lord Malachai 
and Lady Maureen, Lady Cearra, and Lady Melody. Time and date and addresses TBA :-) 

If you helped and we failed to mention you, please trust no slight is meant. 

In service, 

Lady Isabeau Quiquandon
(m/k/a Terri Walker)
Co-Event Steward

HL Ihon Vinson mac Fergus
(m/k/a John Hirling)
Co-Event Steward)

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