[Ansteorra-announce] King's College -- Period Plants Class

Karen Moon karenmoon at msn.com
Tue Jun 12 22:09:53 PDT 2001

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Greetings all!

Apologies for the multiple posts but...

I'm am getting ready to print up hand-outs for my King's College class -- Period Plants for Ansteorran Gardens -- and wanted to get a rough idea of how many copies to make/bring.  (I always end up with way too many, or way too few...)  In case you heard otherwise, there is NO CLASS LIMIT!  If you can squeeze into the room, you can take the class!

In the event anyone is confused, this is not a class on period gardening techniques (tho some will be discussed) but a presentation on actual, period, documentable plants that were grown in European, African, Middle Eastern and Eurasian gardens before 1600 AD, and yet can *actually* thrive and flourish in Texas and Oklahoma.

So come benefit from everything I've learned from four years of killing plants.  Maybe it will save some of yours.

Thanks for your time!


PS -- E-mail me privately and let me know if you're attending.  This will assure you of a class handout.

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