[Ansteorra-announce] Centurion Mu's lady

Maureen Faulkner ladydaungerous at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 15 17:45:30 PDT 2001

I believe many people will want to know about
Centurion Mu's lady Bonnie is very ill. She is in
ICU at LBJ hospital in northern Houston.
Mu can be reached at home or at the home of his
SCA son, Ratturus.
Their friends Black Angus and Rhiannon Stuart
McNeil are in close touch with Mu.
Angus can be reached at
robert.smetek at veritasdgc.com, and Rhiannon at
llywyn at hotmail.com.
All of our hopes and prayers are with Mu, Bonnie,
and their daughter Lori during this anxious time.
In service, and with concern,
Maureen Faulkner
Canton of Westgate, Barony of Stargate

Visit http://westgate.ansteorra.org/
Vivat the Canton of Westgate!

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