[Ansteorra-announce] Tournament of Chivalry, From Their Highnesses

Trish Kvamme ladyoftherose at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 26 14:45:17 PDT 2001

Greetings and Salutations Ansteorra!

The day following Coronation, His then Majesty Duncan has called for a
Tournament of Chivalry.  A chance for the Chivalry of Ansteorra to fight
with the proud and honorable unbelted fighters of Ansteorra in honorable
challenge combat, a time to teach and to learn from each other, and a time
for our unbelted community to shine.

We also ask that the Chivalric Community of Ansteorra plan on attending a
circle that day, time to be announced, and to come and bring their valor and
prowess upon the field to teach and share with all challengers.  We
understand that the revelry of the evening before may go late into the wee
hours, and will schedule court times and circle times as appropriate.

In addition to the chivalric activities, the Rapier Community will also be
holding a melee practice, please contact Her Excellency Dona Kayliegh for
more information on this aspect of the day's events.

As it is also our privilege to have many guests from Calontir and Trimaris,
the Outlands and other fair Kingdom's in attendance that weekend, it will be
a wonderful opportunity to cross swords with new friends from other
Kingdoms, a wonderful time to share war stories and learn different

We pray that many of you will join us for the festivities on Sunday, and
look forward to spending this day with Our populace.

In joy and service to Ansteorra,

Duncan and Larissa



Coming from Dallas. Take your best route to I30 and travel west past
SH360 and Six Flags. Exit on N Fielder and turn left (south).

Coming from Fort Worth. Take your best route to I30 and travel east
toward Dallas. Exit on N Fielder and turn right (south).

(Both) Travel south on Fielder to the intersection of Randol Mill Rd and
turn right (west), 2/3mi down on the right will be the entrance to
Randol Mill park. Turn right into the park and then past the National
Guard armory take the first left. Follow this lane to the parking lot at
the end.

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