[Ansteorra-announce] SEM Ruling Relief Auction

Bob Dewart gilli at seacove.net
Tue Jun 26 18:34:57 PDT 2001

Greetings and Hi There,

This weekend, at Academy of the Bow, there will be another silent auction to
benifit those affected by the recent ruling on Combat Archery by the Society
Earl Marshal.

All those wishing to bring items for the auction, see Gilli under the court
pavillion about 1 PM on Saturday.  The bidding will end with the begining of
court.  Items may be picked up after court.

Proceeds from the auction will be used to refit "individually owned" combat
archery equipment to bring it up to the new requirement.  Money left over
will be donated to the Kingdom for the publication and distribution of a new
Participant's Handbook.  Should a new Particpant's Handbook be published and
distruibuted prior to the complition of the refit; the remaining funds will
then be donated to the Black Star.

So bring things to auction off.  Bring money to buy things with.  Your help
is appriciated.  The last auction brought in $57.00.

Thanks for your support,


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