[Ansteorra-announce] Don't make an eternal mistake, instead come to Tex Ren-Fair

MGreene@mpan.com MGreene at mpan.com
Tue Nov 6 16:15:44 PST 2001

Don't make an eternal mistake this weekend by backing the wrong Pope at
Three Kings!! and thereby risking excommunication!!     But, rather, don't
make a choice at all.... avoid 'Three Kings'....  and come to the Texas
Renaissance Festival (TRF) instead!

Armored fighters are needed!     Rapier fighters are needed!    Artisans
and Bards are needed!
The weather has been glorious this season, and the SCA compound colorful
and active with participants.

Help the Canton of Westgate make this the best weekend yet, Nov 10 and
11th, at the largest SCA demo in the Knowne World, held at the Texas
Renaissance Festival.    There are contests for the bards and artisans with
the best demo for the weekend.

And... I am hosting a 'Challenge Tourney' in the arena in the SCA compound.
After the mound fights, throughout the weekend, individual challenges will
be recorded, and on Sunday afternoon, the fighters with the highest number
of victories will be declared Champions.   A prize set of hand painted
glass feastware will be awarded the best armored and rapier victors.

For further information on the demo at TRF and how to obtain free tickets,
please check the website at:   http://home.houston.rr.com/scaattrf/

Hope to see you at the Faire this weekend,
Mistress Hillary Greenslade   Stargate

(mgreene at mpan.com)

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