[Ansteorra-announce] Costume Contest at Stargate Yule

Holly Frantz hefrantz at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 12 04:54:38 PST 2001

Come one!   Come All!  Come to Stargate Yule on
December 8th and enter your gorgeous garb in the
Costume Contest!

The year is 1499.   Vasco de Gamma has recently
returned from his successful mission to find a trade
route to the East and all of Europe is alive with the
wonder!  Even more, you have been invited by His
Majesty of Portugal, King Emmanuelle I, to attend the
festivities celebrating de Gamma's return.

Oh no!  What will you wear?!?!

Make it your best and show it off in the Stargate Yule
Costume Contest.  A&S documentation is not required
but you should know a little bit about your garments
and be prepared to answer questions .  If your clothes
are based on a picture, please bring a copy with you.

All contestants will receive a souveneir "portrait" of
their time in King Emmanuelle's court.  Exotic prizes
of pearls and cloth from the East will be given for
both the judges' favorite and the populace's favorite.

Popular vote will be done by penny-nickel-dime, with
all proceeds going towards the purchase of new
Baronial chairs for their Excellencies Stargate.
Bring your spare change!

Questions, comments, want to know what kind of pearls
will be given as prizes?  Contact Lady Niccola Setaro
at hefrantz at yahoo.com or kindly call her at
713-721-1617.  PLEASE no calls after 10 PM.

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