[Ansteorra-announce] Why Go to Gulf War?

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Fri Nov 16 13:36:13 PST 2001

Greetings One and All,

As the year comes to an end, it is time for many of us
to begin planning for and making time off requests at
work for the next year.

I know that many of you are already planning to attend
Gulf War in the spring, and that many of you are
thinking about it. There are probably a lot of folks
who aren't seriously thinking about Gulf War, but who
don't have any major conflicts preventing you from

You can stop reading this if you're already planning
to attend the war. If you haven't made up your mind
yet, I ask that you stick with me for a bit and let me
convince you why you should go to Gulf War.

So, why should you go to Gulf War? To fight? Sure, but
I'll get to that in a minute. Instead, think about the
chance to get away from the mundane world for an
entire week. Imagine that: Living in the Dream that is
the SCA for a week. No bills, no dot com lay offs, no
Taliban, just the friendship, camaraderie, honor and
pure escapism that brings us back to the SCA over and
over again. A week never seemed so short. Come to Gulf
War and see what its like.

How about the shopping? Been looking for that special
trim or piece of armor or hat or crossbow or piece of
jewelry or mug or, well whatever? If its an SCA item
and you want it, chances are its at Gulf War. The
merchant's area there is amazing and its half the
distance of Pensic! Come to Gulf War and you'll see
that its all there.(And no, I didn't get a kickback
from Iolo for the crossbow reference. :-)

How about the fighting? Nah, let's forget about the
fighting for a minute. How about the spectacle. Ever
seen eight or ten of the Crowned Heads of the Known
World on horseback enter the grand opening ceremony?
Have you ever seen the voice of the Ansteorran Crown
shame that of Their adversaries and draw the swelling
pride and applause from the crowd? Have you ever seen
all of the landed nobility of the land, arrayed in
their finest clothing with banner and pennants flying,
all marching behind their King and Queen? Come to Gulf
War and you will.

Did I mention fighting? Wait, I'll get there. What
about the Arts & Sciences? Have you ever seen an A&S
competition pitting the very best artisans in two
great kingdoms against one another? The calligraphy
and illumination, the clothing, the stained glass, the
weaving and the other breathtaking items must be seen
to be believed, and they can only be seen at Gulf War.

But that's just the static competition. What about the
bardic arts? Have you ever seen performers who made
you laugh. made you cry and made you sing along with
pure joy? Have you seen King Henry's army route the
French at Agincourt? I have, and I saw it at Gulf War.

What about the parties and the general fun of it all?
What about sitting around your camp with old friends
and meeting new friends from different kingdoms? What
about the grand spectacle of court and the pure, silly
fun of the kamikaze party late on Wednesday night?
What about the myriad of bardic circles and the
roaming from camp to camp and the hafla in the middle-
eastern camp? You know where you can find all of this:
Gulf War.

There are all of these wonderful things to see and do
and there's even fighting to go along with it. I have
seen such feats of honor and such feats of heroism at
Gulf War to know that heroes tread this world. I have
seen Ansteorra boldly take the middle banner and hold
it against all of Atlantia and Trimaris. I have seen
Calontir hold our gate and save our castle against
incredible odds. I have seen our archers stop an
enemy advance with their deadly feathered shafts, and
I have seen mighty heroes stride across the field like
giants. I have seen might time tournaments lit only by
torchlight. I have seen battles in field, ravine and
castle and seen greater feats than told of by Homer or
Mallory. I have seen flashing rapiers route the enemy.
I have seen the skill of our cadets far outstrip that
of the enemy Dons, and seen our Dons held in awe by
the enemy - and I saw it all at Gulf War.

So if you're thinking about going to Gulf War, stop
and think instead of what you'll miss if you don't go
to Gulf War. Years from now, when the bards and the
skalds and the poets tell the tales of Gulf War XI,
you will want to be able to nod you head and say "Yes,
I was there". But you can only do that if you go to
Gulf War.

I remain in service to Crown and Kingdom,

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