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Thu Nov 22 23:07:38 PST 2001

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hello all! i am looking for a fellow ansteorran i met at pennsic this past
year. he loves int he Austin area, i think. ither there, or the huston area.
i am not sure which of these 2 areas he came from. ither way, his name was
Lord Christopher. i dont believe he was much older than 35 or so, though i
could be totally wrong. he attended war with 5 other people, no wait. 6. one
lady, adn 5 guys. the other guys were tool, conner, logan, nathaniel, and
angus, though i am not sure of their ages, i think that nathaniel was 26.
they are / were a part of the clan macbeth, or so i was told. i would greatly
appriciate any contact information from them, or for them. is anyone could
help, i would greatly appriciate it. thanks you in advance, K
p.s. i am sorry for any spelling errors in the above document, but i am a
really bad speller.

Lady Kyna Terricsdottir
  Namron, Ansteorra
    Deajavu at aol.com

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