[Ansteorra-announce] The LAST Siege of the Abbey

Lowrens of Ross seawinds at addr.com
Wed Nov 28 08:26:43 PST 2001

'Tis with sad greetings that I come before thee this day.

Due to a series of events beyond our control it has been decided that
Corpus Christi Abbey will be closed and the property sold during the course
of this next calendar year.

Thus, this January 18,19, and 20 we will celebrate the LAST SIEGE OF THE ABBEY

There are a couple of special things we would like to do for this
occasion.  The one I want to announce today is that we will be having a Pub
for the event.  As it will be Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, a
Federal Holiday, we have permission to extend our stay at the Abbey till
Monday.  Thus we, the Shire of Seawinds, would like to invite and challenge
all brewers to bring something to help us celebrate this sad occasion in
the Shire.  We will have a "taste-off" competition to select a champion
during the event, but starting Saturday night till the bottles be dry, we
will drink and toast our fair Abbey good-bye.

Please make plans on joining us.  All brewers who would like to assist in
this, please contact myself, Lord Lowrens of Ross, so that we can
coordinate the specifics.  The brewing guild of the Shire has already been
hard at work and currently have a wide variety of drinks for that evening:
meads, cyscers, cordials, and beer.

Again, we have permission to remain on site Sunday evening for those who
need the extra recovery time so plan now on attending our farewell bash at
the Abbey.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Lord Lowrens of Ross
seawinds at addr.com
Shire of Seawinds
Autocrat - Siege of the Abbey 2002

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