[Ansteorra-announce] A Public Apology

Stephen Macthomas macthomas at ev1.net
Tue Sep 4 05:45:15 PDT 2001

Greetings unto the populace of Ansteorra and, especially, the College of
Heralds and the Western Region.

This past weekend, I had committed to traveling to the Western Region to
administer the new Pursuivant Extraordinary exam.  (For those unfamiliar
with this term, a Pursuivant Extraordinary is a deputy to their 'local'
regional herald and assists with all matter of heraldic knowledge.  The exam
is an opportunity for heralds to demonstrate their knowledge in one or more
of five areas, so that the regional herald will better know who can be
called on for what, and so that the herald that may not know everything
about heraldry can still show their stuff and serve the Kingdom.)  I had
posted this information in the Black Star and had requested time and a space
from the event stewards to be able to do this.

Due to mundane reasons, I was unable to attend this weekend, and I
compounded this by not posting an announcement to the various lists that we
maintain.  (It's interesting that so many of us historical re-creators are
such techno-junkies.)

For this, I wish to publicly apologize to Ansteorra for my poor
communication, to the Western Region for my absence at Gothic, and to the
College of Heralds for my inability to administer the duties of my position
as Tressure Herald this weekend.

I would further apologize for the fact that, due to the continuation of
these mundane concerns, all PE exam sessions and heraldic education
roundtables previously announced are on hold until further notice.

To the event steward, Lord Selwyn, who was extremely helpul in making sure
we had someplace to meet, my thanks and my specific apologies for the

And finally, to every good gentle lord and lady that traveled to the Western
Region to attend this exam, I offer my most profound apologies, and request
that you contact me privately at macthomas at ev1.net so that I may apologize
personally and make amends for your inconvenience.

With regret and in service,
Lord Stephen Macthomas
Tressure Herald

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