[Ansteorra-announce] Eldern Hills/ International Festival

Mike Gideon mg1m at swbell.net
Wed Sep 5 04:21:13 PDT 2001

Just a reminder, for all that wish to help out with our largest public demo
of the year. We have thousands of people pass by our "booth" each year, and
can always use some help from Fighters (heavy and light), Dancers, and
Artisans. We also talk to the crowds as they pass, or stop to watch. Crash
space can be arranged. Please contact HE Catrin catrin at sirinet.net or myself
mg1m at swbell.net
International Festival is put on by the City of Lawton and the Lawton/Ft.
Still Arts and Humanities Council. Unfortunately they have placed up
opposite Wiesenfeuer Baronial this year. We appreciate all that can join us
to show the best of the Society.


and now, a word from HE Catrin...

Greetings all....
Time fast approaches for Eldern's annual demo, International Fest.  I invite
one and all to join us as we entertain, educate and gain new members.  Click
on the link below for more information.

In Service to the Ideal,
Catrin Mac Cracken

forwarded with permission

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