[Ansteorra-announce] TRMs hit by tornado today.

Mordock von Rugen mordockvonrugen at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 5 13:06:07 PDT 2001

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Their Royal Majesties, Duncan and Larissa, had their home hit by a
tornado earlier today.  Their house is damaged, but nobody was hurt.

I'm sorry I cannot offer more information at this time - anything more
would be speculation.

They cannot take phone calls right now, and probably won't post anything
for a little while.  Please do not try to call.  If you desperately need
to get a hold of them, please contact them through Mary Elizabeth.  If
you can't get a hold of her, then try me.

I'm heading over there now to offer what assistance I can, and will post
more information tonight.

Obviously, HRM's practice is cancelled tonight.


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