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Wed Sep 5 14:36:26 PDT 2001

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Greetings one and all,

   Recently I saw posted a request for a complete listing of all the awards given a Pensic, as all of my belongings have finally returned from the great war( read awards info) I can post that information.  I will also post King's Lancer and Gothic War courts as well.

    Pensic XXX

Dermont of House Blue Rose- Sable Falcon
Suvdchen Khan of the Moritu--Order of the Laurel
Una Daffydd--Queen's Ring-   she resides in Aethelmark
Timothy of Northkeep--Queens Rapier- he resides in Calontir
Kael Savage- Sable Falcon
Sosha Lyons O'Roarke- Queen's Rapier
Anton Qwith- Sable Falcon
Eyrny Ormarsdottit- Queen's Rapier
Morgan Buchanan- Sable Falcon
Guy le Strange- Order of Chivalry- Knighthood

King's Lancer

Kathrine Clatworthy- Golden Bridle
Willow Macmuizendhaigh- Iris of Merit
Cadfen ap Morgan- Sable Thistle- Cooking
Lorraine Frazier- Golden Bridle
Alexis LaBouche- King's Lancer

Gothic War X

Bran op Gryffyd- AOA
Brittania Mortimer- Rising Star
Adelaide de bourbon- Sable Thistle- costuming
Eliasar- Rising Star
Gaven McIain- Sable Crane
Micheal of the Fray- AOA
John Peregrin- Sable Falcon
Finnain McLeod- Sable Falcon
Donald Hambleton-Star of Merit
Daniel of Adlersruhe- Sable Comet- Adlersruhe
Kainin deTepesa- Star od Merit
Marquet de la Hite Sable Crane
Ulrica Bronwynsdatter- Sable Comet- Blacklake
Safiye op Gryffith- Star of Merit
Selwyn Mortimer- Star of Merit
Robert MacFarlan- Vine Staff
Kein MacEwan- Vine staff
Oriana Francesco- Iris of Merit
Ogden the Blue-Sable Comet- Blacklake
Toshiro Koi- Star of Merit
Leif Thompson- AOA
Atlanta of Bonwicke- Rising Star
Daniel of Bonwicke- Rising Star
Robert of Adlersruhe- Rising Star

Ever in Service,

Ld. Tomas Niallagain
Herald to TRM Duncan and Larissa

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