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Greetings to all good gentles from the Stewards of Elfsea Defender

Their Excellencies, the Baron and Baroness of Elfsea, invite one
and all to a celebration of Ansteorran heraldry and a day of
tournaments to determine the newest Defenders of Elfsea.

As always the Defender Lists for Chivalric, Rapier, and Archery, will
determine our Defenders for the next year. In addition, there will be
a myriad of other contests and challenges including competitions
for List Field Pavilions, Regalia, and "Anything Heraldic". Culture
Camps have returned, there will be a ballista challenge, archery
and bardic will round out the children's activities, and if that isn't
enough, you can try your hand at the Complete Medievalist

A&S Details:

Culture Camps have returned to Defender!
A tradition from days gone by, Culture Camps have returned for
Defender XXIV.

We are also introducing a new competition this year.  The List Field
Pavilion Competition invites any one who is going to put up a list
field pavilion to display all of their heraldic art.  Whether is be a
single person or a barony, everyone is invited to turn the list field
into a joy for the eyes and spirit with banners, clothing, cushions,
feastware, tables, and whatever else comes to mind.  Those who
wish to enter are requested to send a letter of intent with the size
of their pavilion so that space be may reserved directly on the list
field.  Please send letters to the stewards at the addresses listed

His Excellency, Sir Alaric Drake, has issued a challenge to all of
the artists in Ansteorra to fill the royal coffers with the most
beautiful and abundant regalia, which will be on exhibit to inspire
the populace during the day.

Anything Heraldic is one of the arts and sciences contests which
will showcase the talents of our artists and the many expressions of

Her Excellency, Mistress Stella Silvana, has put forth a Ballista
Challenge, promising prizes for successful crews.

Children are invited to vie for prizes in the traditional archery and
bardic competitions.

To round out the activities is the Complete Medievalist Tourney, a
contest which tests the entrants abilities and talents in many areas.

Merchants are most welcome!  Please Contact the Merchant-o-crat
so that she may reserve space.  There is no charge, but we do
request a donation for the prize baskets.

Please visit our website at http://www.elfsea.org/defender/ for more
details on site,fees, and contest guidelines.

In service to the Dream and the Dreamers,
Lady Afan ferch Elystan and Lady Medb Liath
(grrhine at swbell.net)	(rhays at prodigy.net)


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