[Ansteorra-announce] Three Kings Pas de' Armes on Sunday

bowermanm bowermanm at mail.ev1.net
Thu Sep 27 12:28:05 PDT 2001

Greetings to the List,
I recommend myself to you. In all love and friendship, and not out
of any ill will, the Company of the Grail is holding a passage of
arms before ladies and damsels, to be held on the 11th of November
at the great battle of the Three Kings.

There will be many noble prizes handed out at the tournaments
conclusion, and many tokens of love and respect distributed during
the tournament at the discretion of the ladies of the gallery.
The most chivalrous of all will have their consort crowned Queen
of Love and Beauty, and will be given the seat of honor at the
next Pas de’ Arms hosted by the Company.

Good Lords and Ladies if thee intend to participate in the
tournament thy must send a letter of intent to the Company of the
Grail via email too ( bowermanm at ev1.net ).  If thy letter is
received a week before the tournament then thy Coat of Arms shall
be blazoned upon the field for all to see.  We look forward to
noble contest with the, and know that thy renown will be sung of
in the halls of heroes for years to come.

Please visit the Companies Home Page to see the requirments.


For love of Chivalry,

Lord Rodrigo de Navarra
Company of the Grail

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