[Ansteorra-announce] General of the Armies

Keith Ewing kein at austintx.net
Wed Sep 5 17:52:11 PDT 2001

Greetings unto the Populace of Ansteorra,

The King has proclaimed that he would like for me to take up the mantle as
General of All the Ansteorran Armies. I am pleased and proud to serve.
My intentions are to get our Kingdom ready to face our friends/foes the
Trimarans in March. To that end I will be setting up a command structure in
the next month.
It is not my intention to fundamentally change the flavor of any individual
unit. No units will be molded into my image of the perfect unit.unless they
want to be. I will try to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each
unit and use them together so that their strengths are magnified and their
weaknesses are diminished.
My goals are as follows:
1. Establish a four tiered command structure:
A.    The Crown
B. Myself and my Lieutenant Generals (there will be two, they are as yet
C. Regional Commanders and their Seconds (Based on Geographical regions)
D. Unit Captains (A unit can be as few as 5 and as many as 30 fighters).
2. Establish a Universal set of commands:
A. These commands will be based on my "Stuff that Works for Me" essay, which
will soon be rewritten in a second edition to include new commands. It will
not be required that all units use all of these commands. All units should
KNOW these commands however.
3. Attempt to make it so that EVERY fighter in Ansteorra has a local unit
that he or she can practice
and /or train with.
4. Have every unit train at least monthly all year round.
5. To encourage and facilitate newcomers to the SCA and newcomers to heavy
fighting to don armor and take up weapons to defend their kingdom.
6. To encourage those who only wish to shoot a bow or carry a banner or man
a siege crew to practice those skills year round.
7. To train leaders who can lead troops on and off the field.
8. To not forget that much of what has made Ansteorran armies succeed in the
past is each soldier's individual prowess. The tourney field is practice for
the battlefield today as it was in the times that we recreate. Individual
skills should not be neglected.
9. To make sure that we are all still having fun.
10. To make an Army of Heroes!

I will keep you all informed via this medium as progress is made toward
these goals. I will request help from many of you for a General is only a
guy standing in a field if he doesn't have an army.
If anyone has any questions concerning this, please contact me at
Kein at austintx.net.

On to Trimaris!

Duke Kein MacEwan
General of the Army of Heroes

P.S. To those Trimarans who monitor this forum for news about the Ansteorran
war effort, this is news . bad news.

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