[Ansteorra-announce] New Central Regional Land Coordinator

Brian Martin bm3876 at sbc.com
Mon Dec 2 09:33:49 PST 2002

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Greetings All,

After serving as the Gulf War Land Coordinator for the Central Region for
the lat two years, HL Arabella de Mountecute is moving on to larger duties
with the Gulf War Land Staff and has decided to pass along her duties as
coordinator for the Central Region.

It is, therefore, my honor to announce that the new Central Regional Land
Coordinator will be Lady Honour Du Bois! Lady Honour has long been a hard
worker at the war, volunteering for many duties and helping the Barony of
Elfsea log the highest number of volunteer hours year after year. Therefore,
all people from the Central Region who intend to camp with Ansteorra at the
upcoming Gulf War need to pre-register as soon as possible, and then contact
Lady Honour via email. Honour may be reached at mysticfalcon at onebox.com .

Many thanks to Arabella for her service to Ansteorra and the war and to
Honour for her long service and new duties for the war.

In service to Crown and Kingdom,
Pendaran Glamorgan
Ansteorran Liaison, GW12

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