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Greetings unto the Fighters of Ansteorra, do I Christopher Doverson and the members of the SCA student group at Tarelton university in the Canton of Dragonsfire Tor send Greetings.

At Guardian of the Tor  the weekend of June 27-30th The students of the SCA Student Group at Tarelton University are honored to be sponsoring two activities for the Fighting community of Ansteorra. an Unattached Fighter Tournament and a Squires and Cadets mixer. We hope to see you all there.

The unattached fighters tourney.

An unattached  fighter is a fighter who is not a member of the Chivalry or White Scarf's, and is not a squire cadet or student to a Master of Arms.

To enter this tourney all unattached fighter must be sponsored by a Squire, Cadet or Student to a Master of Arms. The tournament will be a  single elimination tourney with alternating rounds of chivalric and rapier combat for those who wish to fight in both lists.

out side of the winners for each combat style and the overall winner of the list.  recognition will also be given to the Sponcer that shows outstanding support and instruction to their sponsored fighter.  the fighter who shows courtesy, honor and grace on the field, as well as recognition for Acts of Chivalry, and best death.

We extend an invitation to the members of the Chivalry and to the Dons and Donnas of Ansteorra to come and assist as Marshals and Judges for the Tourney.

Squires and Cadets Mixer

We will be sponsoring a potluck lunch and mixer after the Guardian bearpit on Saturday, to help to promote continued unity amongst the fighting community. the mixer is a place for you all to kick back socialize eat and drink. it also provides a place for unattached fighters who have not yet found a sponsor for Sundays list to do so. it is our hopes to see many of you there.

For more information on the tournament, and the mixer please  visit the Guardian of the tor website at http://guardian.u4l.com or e-mail me at CDavidson610 at hotmail.com

In Service
Christopher Doverson
MKA Chris Davidson
President Tarelton SCA Student Activities Group

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