[Ansteorra-announce] Eldern XXIV webpage (Final Court of Baroness Catrin Mac Cracken)

Mike Gideon mg1m at swbell.net
Thu May 16 04:33:03 PDT 2002

Come one and all, Join the Barony of the Eldern Hills as we wish
Baroness Catrin Mac Cracken happiness and REST as she steps down.

There is something for all at Eldern XXIV:
	Chivalric Championship
	Rapier/Schläger Championship
	Youth Rapier
A&S Competition
Children's Activities (our MOC has prepared many special Activities for
the 				delight of all)
	The hearty cuisine of HE Adria Lorelle with assistance from
Master 	Artorius ap Caradoc OP.
	TRM's Aaron and Britta transition the Barony of the Eldern Hills
to 	new leadership.
	Join Master Lucais du Belier and friends in drumming and
	Although nothing specific has been planned, can you imagine an
event 	without some amount of storytelling and singing?

Electricity and water available at a limited number of camping spaces.

The Barony of the Eldern Hills does send Greetings unto the good Gentles
of the Kingdom of Ansteorra,

May 17-19 AS XXXVII (being 2002 by the common reckoning)

Know all that Baroness Catrin Mac Cracken will hold her final Baronial
Court at this time. Come join us in marking this occasion with presence
fitting to her time and service.

By the grace of Their Majesties Aaron and Britta,
Laird Míchél mac Donnchaid and Lady Elayne MacDuncan will be appointed
as Vicar and Vicaress to hold Their lands in trust.




Laird Míchél mac Donnchaid

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