[Ansteorra-announce] White Shark At Warlord

Ælfhelm se reade lordaelfhelm at yahoo.com
Tue May 21 08:43:47 PDT 2002

Coming Soon to a merchant stall near you (if you're at
Warlord, that is...):

  Do you ever get to the campsite and discover that you
forgot your propane? or your toothbrush? or (oh, my) your
tent stakes? Ever run out of rope or duct tape while at an
  Instead of getting back in your car & going off site to
"freak the Mundanes" at Wal-Mart, why not come to White
Shark Sundries?

         ...salt & pepper, propane, tent stakes...
        ...dish soap, SOS pads, scrubber sponges...
        ...matches, lighters, razors, toiletries...
       ...batteries, fire starters, wood, duct tape...
       ...pens, notepads, parasols and Oriental fans...
       ...and various over-the-counter medications...

Not to mention all these wonderful White Shark items:
  Peacock and goose feathers!
    Blown goose and emu eggs!  (Ask us to put your device
on an egg!)
        Pickled quail eggs!
           Inexpensive feast gear!
              Bottled water!
                    HOMEMADE ICE CREAM!  (Yes, ice cream!)

In response to great demand, we will also have fresh quail
eggs avaliable for purchase.

             "If you forgot it, we have it!"


Ælfhelm se read
House of the White Shark
When the chips are down, the buffalo is empty.

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