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Thu May 23 18:04:54 PDT 2002

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Don't forget, in the air conditioned hall, there will be A&S competitions and classes most of the day Saturday and partly on Sunday.  Check the Steppes Warlord website at www.steppes.org/warlord.  It may be hard to see, so move your cursor over the phrase "A&S classes begin" or "A&S competitions begin" on the schedule, and you'll go to the descriptions and class schedule .  I hope to have a display set up showing off what the classes will teach.  Some of the classes have a limit on students, so come by and sign up.

Everything is up to date on the web page's schedule except the following and their class descriptions:

10am - 11am Beginning Documentation Class by HL Radegundis
11am - noon  Judging Class by Mistress Jehanne
11am - noon  Bayeaux Tapestry Stitch by Master Jovian
1pm - 2 pm  Historical Musical Performance Practice by Master Avatar
2pm - 3pm Beginning Documentation Class by HL Radegundis (same class as in the morning)
3pm - 4pm Judging Class by TBA (similar class as in the morning)
3pm - 4pm  Instrumental Music Sight Reading Hell 101 by Master Avatar

The rest of the classes for Saturday are:

Padded Satin Stitch by HL Fridhur
Pewter Casting by HL Stefan
Bayeaux Tapestry Stitch by Master Jovian
Beaded, Embroidered Tassels by Lady Dyan
Beginning Mead Making by HL Damaris
Knitting for Beginnings by Audette
Making a Pennanular Brooch by Mistress Hillary
Performance Workshop by HE Sir Pendaran
Diamondpoint Glass Engraving by Lady Asa
Italian clothing of the Quartocentro by Baroness Alessandra
Italian Ices and Period Frozen Refreshments by HL Juliana

The Sunday Class:
Beginning Equestrian by Bridgette d'Orleans

The Class Schedule will also be available on site.

I hope to see a lot of you there for the competitions and the classes!  In the air conditioned hall!

HL Radegundis

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