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Sun May 26 13:56:13 PDT 2002

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Guten Taug
M'Lords & Ladies

It brings me great pleasure to invite you one and all to the  Baronial
Marksman (Live Weapons) competition to be held at NorthKeeps 12th annual
Castellan on May 31-June 2 at Will Rogers Boy Scout Camp Near Cleveland
the winner of the competition will be awarded a HUGE chunk of amber that
makes Ladies swoon and Lords green with envy every where i went with that
chunk of amber many people just wanted to touch it (unfortunately i can't
keep it for another year as i kinda like the attention it brings)
The competition it self will consist of 4 parts
1) Knife throw at 16 feet
2) Axe Toss at 25 feet
3) Spear for accuracy at 35 feet
4) Spear for distance (no target)
The target will be a wooden round with 3 scoring areas 1,2,3, points
bring your own toys or come play with mine (there will be lots of loner gear)
oh and remember if you are competing for the coveted position of Castellan of
NorthKeep this is a martial competition and counts toward your wins
for a map and more info about Castellan XII visit

Did I mention the huge chunk of amber?

Ottokar Luther Von Holestine
Meisterschützen NorthKeep Missile Meister Wiesenfeuer
 In service
Ottokar Luther Von Holestine
Marksman NorthKeep Missile Champion Wiesenfeuer  

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