[Ansteorra-announce] Merchanting in Oklahoma

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Thu Aug 7 22:22:58 PDT 2003

       I'm going to take a moment to explain what is going on concerning 
merchanting in Oklahoma.  
       The State of Oklahoma recently passed a law that changes some aspects 
of how sales tax is collected in Oklahoma.  As written, this law seems to 
apply to SCA events in Oklahoma that have merchanting.   
       If this law is found to apply to us it would require us to apply for a 
Special Event Permit at least 20 days before an event that has merchants.   
This permit requires a $50.00 application fee.  We would be required to collect 
paperwork and sales tax from merchants daily.  Within 15 days after the 
conclusion of the event we would be required to send the sales tax along with the 
daily reports and other paperwork to the State of Oklahoma.  The law makes the 
promoters and organizers of the event liable for any failure to report and 
remit taxes and records.   It appears that merchants who already have their own 
Oklahoma Sales Tax permit would collect and remit their own sales tax as usual. 
       Mistress Clarissa the Kingdom Seneschal has been looking into this 
matter.  She asked me to make an announcement.  
       Wiesenfeuer Baronial is the only event in Oklahoma in the month of 
August.  Since it has already been announced, Only merchants who have their own 
Oklahoma Tax permit may merchant at this event.   As of September 1st, no one 
may merchant at any SCA event in Oklahoma even with a sales tax permit.  
       Mistress Clarissa will be looking into this matter in depth to 
determine exactly how this effects us and what we must do to be in compliance with 
the new law.   She welcomes the assistance of anyone who has knowledge that 
would be helpful in this.  
       She also asked me to remind people that her responsibility as Kingdom 
Seneschal is to protect the Kingdom and the Society.  She understands that 
people may not be happy about this and she will be working to sort this out.  
Please be patient.  

       I am keeping up with this situation.  If you have any questions I will 
try and answer them.   When we have more information it will be announced. 

Robert Fitzmorgan
Northern Regional Seneschal

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