[Ansteorra-announce] Praise and many thanks -- WWC 03

Maureen Faulkner ladydaungerous at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 11 10:55:51 PDT 2003

To the kingdom of Ansteorra:

The Canton of Westgate is proud to announce that
its first champion since emerging from incipient
status is Lord Snorri Hallsson. Congratulations
to him, and to our competition coordinator Master
Ihon Vinson macFergus, who had to make that
difficult choice.

As event steward of the seasonally challenged
Westgate Winter Collegium, I would like to thank
everyone who helped me, but a list would take up
more space than most people have patience, so the
abbreviated version:

The feast steward, Lady Kemma Delamare, and all
of her kitchen crew. Vivat for an organized
kitchen and a wonderful feast!
All of my teachers, many of whom traveled hours
to attend Westgate Winter Collegium.
All who helped with planning, decoration, setup,
takedown and in between, including Brenna
macDonald, Lord Thomas Atte Woode, Lady Kemma
Delamare, and Lord Malachai Morgan, who helped
every step of the way.
My prize donators, who gave of their talents with
a generous hand: Mistress Hillary Rose
Greenslade, who created a pass-down medallion and
fibula for our champion; Lord Malachai Morgan,
who created a gorgeous keeper cloak; Lady
Lisabetta, who created a scroll on very little
notice; Brenna macDonald, who created a pass-down
embroidered baldric; and Don Iago de Cabrera de
Cadiz, who created our teacher prizes.
Lady Melody macGregor, who served a sideboard
Lord Snorri Hallsson, who hosted a lively and
interesting bardic roundtable during the day.
Mistress Neassa the Obstreperous, who spent the
entire day riding herd on children's activities.
Master Pendaran Glamorgan, who hosted a magical
bardic circle in the evening.
This list does not begin to cover the kindness
and helpfulness of Stargate, Gates Edge, and
Westgate people.
With awe at the giving nature of Ansteorrans, and
with joy in my heart, I remain

In service
Maureen Faulkner

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