[Ansteorra-announce] Stargate L&F items - soon up for bid!

merewyn@att.net merewyn at att.net
Wed Dec 10 15:36:25 PST 2003


Please inspect the following list for items you might have left behind at 
various Stargate events. Any items that remain unclaimed are scheduled to be 
auctioned off at the Stargate Yule celebration on Saturday Dec. 13, in a 
Silent Auction to benefit the Ansteorran Gate repair fund. If you recognize 
something and would just as soon donate it anyway, please let me know that as 

There will be one final chance to inspect/claim any of these items at the 
Yule celebration before they actually go on the block. 

In addition, if anyone coming to the Yule event has an item they would like 
to donate to the auction, please contact me if possible with the details, and 
in any event bring the item to the event before 1pm.

In service,

Merewyn de Laugharne
Silent Auction Coordinator, Stargate Yule


Lost and Found for Stargate Baronial

1 red ball 
1 pair fleur-de-lis earrings 
1 ceramic plate 
1 polo shirt 
1 red tunic with black & gold trim 
1 tan towel 
2 green tablecloths (or fabric) 
1 black felt hat 
1 white ceramic mug 
1 metal tankard 
1 plastic goblet 
1 beige snood 
1 basket 
1 inkle loom belt 
1 hand towel 
Several boxes of white candles 
1 Green telescoping chair 

Lost and Found for Stargate Yule Revel 

1 metal mug 
1 glass mug 
1 soft blue ceramic cup 
1 small wooden cup 
1 small blue pillar candle 
1 wooden bowl 
1 tiger on a string 
1 small white sock 
1 brown polishing cloth 
1 pink table napkin 
1 pop-up umbrella with wooden handle 
2 wicker paper-plate holders 
1 knife with ivory/bone handle 
1 pop-up umbella 
1 telescoping umbrella 
3 white pillar candles 
1 pair children's sandals 
1 brass goblet 
1 white dinner napkin 
1 red plastic mug w/ black top 
1 white ceramic bowl 
1 round metal tray 
1 pair black leather gloves 
1 velvet hat 
1 wooden hair brush 
1 fork with wooden handle 

Lost and Found for Squires and Cadets

1 Director's chair w/ name "Broom"
1 Walking stick - chest-high on a man (approx 1.2 meters) 

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