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lisabetta lisabetta at ansteorra.net
Wed Dec 24 11:32:23 PST 2003

Unto the populace of Ansteorra, 
I must send thanks to a great many people who all assisted to make 
Stargate Yule a wonderful success. 

I know this missive is a bit tardy, but I wanted to try to not forget 

I start this by first and foremost Thanking the entire populace and 
officers of Stargate and TE Godwin & Lissa for entrusting me with 
this event. 

Secondly, my wonderful daughter Biancia ( Kerresa) without whom, 
the gift bags would not of been finish, nor would I of arrived on 
site on time. Thank you for waking up mommy, for helping out so much 
the night before, and staying and helping clean up the day of. 

Lady Brenna Macdonald, Lord Antonello, and Lady Lorien Thank you 
for staying until the very end and closing the site with me. 

Rhodri, Kaitlyn, François, Perronelle again thank you for staying 
and cleaning and toting things home with you. 

All those who stayed and assisted with clean up thank you, I know 
it was late and I greatly appreciate it. 

HL Isabeau & Mistress Kaitlyn & Household, the ambience was wonderful 
and creative, thank you for stepping up and taking the raines, and 
again thank you for over seeing the costume contest when Lady Klare 
had a loss in her life. 

Lady Klare, thank you for being one of the many coordinators, and 
know that we wish you all the best . 

The setup crew, wow what can I say, Master Ihon and your crew had 
that gym setup in an amazing time crunch, Jeff & Stephan, and everyone 
else who assisted thank you. 

Lady Valeria, thank you for once again finding a charity for us to 
work with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for Juliana showing 
up and assisting with the delivery of the toys, and hopefully next 
year more of the populace will join Valeria and myself. 

Baron Leofric you &  your Serving staff was excellent, Baron William 
- feast was most wonderful thank you for such great food ( I even 
sat down for a bit). .. now how did I end up with two barons running 
the kitchen hehehe 

The kitchen staff, I am not sure who all it was but Each of you THANK 

My coordinators, HL Hillary Greenslade, Lady Brenna MacDonald, Lord 
Collwyn o’Snowdon, Lady GwenVerchCynwrig deYuys Mon , Lord Brian 
MacCael, Master Ihon, Lord Antonello, Lady Natalia, Scarlet Sisters,
Lady Serin, David & Melanie Dayly, Signora Mea Guiliana Passavanti,
Lord Snorri Hallsson, HL Asa Hrafnasdottir, Lady Klare, Lady Brylce,
HL Isabeau, Ceria, HL Antoinette du Bourgogne, Galiana, Lord Geoff,
and Master Geoff & Mistress Rose. Maureen & Malachi If I Forgot 
anyone I am sorry.... THANK YOU ALL.. 

HL Gerald, & Lord Alden Thank you for offering advice throughout 
all the planning stages, and being there when I need it.

Lord Antonello, thank you for the run to the store.. 

Master Ansgar thank you for your wonderful words the weeks leading 
up to the event.... 

Mea & Isabeau , what would I have done without you two thank you..... 

Last and not ever least..... Master Michael Silverhands.... My troubleshooter,
and my angel 
I could not of done half of what I did without your support, Thank you 

L'in-servizio con l'amore
La signora Lisabetta Micola da Monte

La vostra vita è la vostro propria...Grippilo

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