[Ansteorra-announce] Don't Miss The LINDENWOOD MIDSUMMER MASQUE

Patricia Gibson dragonsheart_ at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 21 11:38:11 PDT 2003

Don't miss out on all the dancing! There will be a some lessons as well from 
Philip White!  Be sure to attend! Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Midsummer’s Masque
June 21, 2003
5:00 PM to 10:30/11:00 PM
American Legion Post #453
2755 Bachman Dr
Dallas, TX

Come join us for Lindenwood’s Midsummer’s Masque. The theme will be Celtic. 
We will be having music, dancing, contests and a raffle. There will be a 
sideboard available of various fruits, vegetables, cheeses and other 
snackable items. Beverages will also be provided.  Unfortunately, there will 
be no outside foods or drinks of any kind allowed.
The contests will be for King and Queen of the Masque, Prince and Princess 
of the Masque, and Best Masque.
Be sure to attend and show off your new dance steps!

Gate is $8.00 for 18 and above
$6 for 13-17
$4 for 12 and under

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