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Alexandria Doyle dragonlair at wireweb.net
Mon Jun 30 13:00:18 PDT 2003

Greetings onto the kingdom of Ansteorra from one of the stewards of King’s College.  
We have finished cleaning up and even rested a bit, and it is more than past time that our thank yous are posted.  There are always many more people to remember than a steward has brain cells to remember, so if I forget your name here, please forgive.

The first to be thanked must be my co-steward, HL Suzanne de la Ferté, who helped out this first time steward a lot with her advice, assurances and assistance.
Thank you Lord Angus de Botha and Michelle de la Ferté, for their management of the gate.
Thank You HL Annes Clotilde von Bamburg for stepping in at the last minute and helping with our instructor’s sign-in table.
Thank you for the wonderful sideboard, Bertha von Caffei, who with less than a year in the society, gleefully took to the research and effort to produce tasty and period dishes for our nourishment.
Thank you HL Christiana Ivarsdottir, our Class Coordinator who wrangled the schedule into shape and produced the booklet.
Thank you HL Catherine de Calais, our Instructor Coordinator who brought breakfast and coffee for our instructors and kept me well supplied with tea in the early hours of the event.
Thank you Lord Bersi Ormstunga for the wonderful website.
Thank you to Rognvaldr Tilbuin, Kolskegg Thorulfson, Ivar Runamagi, Gabriel, Radegund of Tours, Dylan, Gonza, Anne and Khalil ibn Cassiam al Hammath for all your help setting up and taking down.
Thank you Branwen ðe Bæcestre for your help all day in the kitchen and then all through the clean up of site.
Thank you Baroness Anne Harper of Eland for banners around the courtyard.
Thank you Astrid for spending most of your day at the playground so the children could play.
Thank you to all the Track Coordinators who found instructors for the classes, for jumping in and teaching when there were cancellations or finding the last minute instructors: Mistress Mari ferch Rathtyen, HL Radegund of Tours, Lady Eleanor d’Erisby, Centurion Ysfael Bryndu, Lady Amerinda di Praga, H.E. Sir Pendaran Glamorgan, Mistress Jehanne, HL Suzanne de la Ferte, Ld Bersi Ormstunga, Master Phelim Gervase called Pug, Gerita del Mare, HL Dominic MacNamara, Lowrie Leulyn 
Thank you to Her Majesty, Conal Alexandria O'Riordain and Her Highness, Cateau d'Ardennes for your gracious presence at our event
Thank you to Their Excellencies, Emrys and Brianna for your support during the preparations and during the event.
And most importantly, Thank you to all our instructors who came and shared their knowledge with the kingdom

HL Alexandria Doyle

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