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For all those who have heard about or been wondering how our little caste 
renovation project has been going well below you will find a link where you can 
go and look at them. It is just about finished and just in time for our fall 
melees this Nov 14 to the 16. Come one come all and enjoy the commissioning of 
our update and renovated castle. There will be enough for everyone. We dare you 
to come and conquer our castle!

LD Caradoc Bordermarch
Robert W, Isaacson

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Subject: [Bordermarch] The latest pictures of the castle!
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Greeting unto all,

   Here is a link to the latest pictures of the castle renovations.  

   The Door are now in!!!  To our master welder Bill and Adolph,Vivat!  They
look Awesome.   

   The Bridge leading to the Castle Borderkeep has undergone major widening
and strengthening.
It is ready for some bridge battle scenarios.

  All the Archer slots are all cut and ready for Archers to fill them.  I
believe all the stair are complete now too!

To the many that made it to work this last weekend:  ViVat!   

Back post & railings still need to be finished. There are still lots of
little details and site cleaning and site prep work for this coming weekend.
Come all to help complete this Dream, so that we may show Our Royalty what
can be accomplished by Barony Bordermarch. 

Oh, the feeling to look at the renovations of what is now the STONE Castle
Borderkeep and say: I did my part.


In Service to Our Kingdom, 
   Barony Bordermarch and the Dream!
Phocas    (mka:Cameron)

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