[Ansteorra-announce] Hunter's Moon

Travis Walker travis.walker at region12.net
Thu Nov 20 06:56:51 PST 2003

Unto All good Gentles of Ansteorra:

It is time once again for the Hunter's Moon tourney in Emerald Keep.   
The day has been packed with activities for most everyone.  There will 
be chivalric and rapier fighting, archery (a chance to get that last 
score in), live steel, and much camaraderie.

Armour Inspection for the Chiv tournament will begin at 9:30.  Tourney 
style will depend on the number of entrants.  Armour inspection for the 
rapier tourney will begin at 12:00. 

There will be rapier melees and war practice after the rapier tourney.  
I urge all rapier fighters to come and prepare for war.  If you are not 
able to go to war this year, this is your chance to help those who are 
by coming out and playing.

The event is a day event.  Site opens at 8am and closes at 11pm.  Site 
fee is $10, and includes sideboard served from 3-6 pm. 

The site is the lovely Camp Val Verde.  Directions follow.

 From Dallas:  Take I-35 south to Waco, Take the Hwy.6 exit (going west 
towards Meridian), Take the Hwy. 84 Exit (South).....

 From Austin:  Take I-35 North to Waco, Take the Hwy.6 exit (going west 
towards Meridian), Take the Hwy. 84 Exit (South).....

Continue on 84 south until you come to Val Verde Rd.  (there will be 
signs along the way).  Take a right on Val Verde Rd.  Stay on the black 
top until you get to a T intersection (There is a dirt road that goes 
off to the right, don't take it.)  Turn right when you get to the big 
sign that says "Camp Val Verde".  Turn left into the big gate and follow 
the signs.

I hope to see everyong Saturday.

Don Edward Mercer

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