[Ansteorra-announce] Gate's Edge Thrown Weapons Championship

Paul Haines wyrmclaw at sbcglobal.net
Wed Oct 8 19:45:35 PDT 2003

Come to the Shire of Gate's Edge this weekend and compete in the Thrown
Weapons Championship!
At Cour d'Amour, Gate's Edge will be having it's 3rd TW championship, but
this will be the 1st champion of the SHIRE of Gate's Edge.

The competition will be comprised of throwing knives, spears, and axes.
Some loaner weapons will be available, but you are encouraged to bring your
own.  All weapons will be inspected prior to use on the range.

After the competition is over, I will be holding a Thrown Weapons Marshal
authorization class.  If you wish to become an authorized TW Marshal, you
must have a valid Membership (Blue Card).

Cour d'Amour
October 10 - 12, 2003
Camp Camwood (near Magnolia, Texas)
Maps and directions: http://gatesedge.ansteorra.org/files/camwood.htm

In service,
Lord Alden Drake
Coastal Regional TW Marshal
Thrown Weapons Champion - Shire of Gate's Edge

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