[Ansteorra-announce] Guildhall of Saint Katherine and Saint Barbara

Alexandria Doyle dragonlair at wireweb.net
Mon Oct 13 13:29:41 PDT 2003

Greetings onto the Artisans of Ansteorra

The stewards of the guildhall would like to invite all to attend the open house of the Guildhall of Saint Katherine and Saint Barbara, to be held on October 18, 2003, at the Bjornsborg’s fall event, the Deeds of Heroes at Whitewater Sports in New Braunfels, TX.

Because to me, an “artisan hero” is one that teaches, the guildhall is filled with opportunities to teach, to learn and hang out with other “arts” people to receive inspiration.

In the first area of the guildhall we will be hosting artisans with interactive displays, for those artisans that wish to share their art on a one on one basis with as much time as is desired.  

For those that wish to do a more formal class, space can be arranged and the length and timing of the class is at your leisure. You set your start and finish time and we will provide tables and an announcement when you will begin your class.  This is an outdoor setting, and a primitive site, so please understand that we can’t provide electricity, but making messes is not an issue with this classroom setting.

In the primary area of the guildhall we will be offering artisans the occasion to present their art to the guildmasters for commentary.  To make a presentation sponsorship of a laurel is required, the laurel does not have to be present and is required only for this event.  If you do not have sponsorship of a laurel, we will be glad to provide an introduction for you.
Past guildmasters have included: Mistress Kasilda, Mistress Isabel, Mistress Rose, Master Geoff, Master Cynric, Master Thomas, Master Jovan and many others who have given of their time.

We will be providing a small sideboard for luncheon for our working artisans, and additions and donations to the sideboard will be most welcomed.

Also because we are asking our artisans to work through the day, we are inviting bardic performers to come entertain our artisans through out the day.  Each artisan will be given tokens to toss into the hat of the performers they prefer.  At the end of the day the performer with the most tokens will be named the Artisan’s Choice Bard.  Any performer who would like to participate in this competition must have a hat into which coins may be tossed.  If however, the performer does not have a hat, we will be glad to provide a, uhm, wonderful, selection from those left behind… the performer will be required to wear said hat between performances.

Further information can be obtained about the event from 
< http://www.vikinganswerlady.com/bjornsborg/>
And about the guildhall from 
or emailing the stewards
HL Alexandria Doyle
mailto:dragonlair at wireweb.net
Ld Bersi Ormstunga
mailto:dseguin at sbcglobal.net

Alexandria and Bersi
Stewards of the Guildhall of Saint Katherine and Saint Barbara

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