[Ansteorra-announce] *correction* Less than 2 weeks to Gulf Wars...did you packyour potables? *correction*

WkTadhg tadhg at ou.edu
Thu Mar 4 07:48:02 PST 2004


The drums are growing louder...pulses are racing...provisions are being
packed...don't forget your homebrews...

Again, I charge the brewers, vintners, mazers, and makers of cordials,
liqueurs, and vinegars, to send or bring (or send) your best...gather
Ansteorra's finest potables, bring them to Gulf Wars, and test their mettle
against brews from throughout the Known World!

The Interkingdom Brewers Guild (IKBG) competition will be Thursday afternoon
(of Gulf War), **2 P.M. UNTIL WHENEVER, IN A&S TENT 1.**

The judging form can be found at
and a brief history of the IKBG at


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