[Ansteorra-announce] [Announcements] Membership Milestone!

Moore, Linda Linda.Moore at mam.org
Mon Mar 15 20:41:50 PST 2004

Greetings, fellow members of the SCA.

The SCA has reached a membership milestone!  As of February 29, 2004, we
have 31,362 members of the SCA worldwide.  

This marks a huge growth for the SCA, acquiring 5,312 new members since
February, 2003. For comparison, that means we added more members in one
year than we did in all of the years combined from 1993 - 2003 (4058).
Membership numbers by year are available at

Below is a breakdown by kingdom of total current members, in order of
size.  This includes all levels of membership: International,
Sustaining, Associate and Family.  

Middle - 5101
An Tir - 3416
East - 3167
Meridies - 2361
Atlantia - 2238
Caid - 1931
Ansteorra - 1829
Atenveldt - 1586
Outlands - 1567
West - 1555
Aethelmearc - 1439
Calontir - 1271
Trimaris - 1237
Artemesia - 790
Drachenwald - 736 *
Ealdormere - 578
Lochac - 560 *

Thank you all for your support of the SCA!

Linda Moore
Chairman, SCA Inc.

*Please note that Lochac's numbers include 537 members of the SCA-Australia
and 23 members of the SCA, Inc.; likewise, Drachenwald's numbers include 639
members of SCA, Inc., and 97 members of the affiliated corporation covering
Finland, Suomen Keskiaikaseura Ry (SKA).  
Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to: 
SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas,  CA 95036

You may also email comments at sca.org or reply to this message.
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