[Ansteorra-announce] Gulf War Rapier Melees

gwenneth@dona.sca.org gwenneth at dona.sca.org
Wed Mar 24 08:36:50 PST 2004

I'd like to thank the following people who fought for
the Southern Region in the Rapier Melees at Gulf Wars.
While our numbers were not large, everyone there made a
valiant effort and should feel great pride in themselves
and in their kingdom.  In particular, we had several
newer fighters in their first GW melees and several
crossover heavy fighters who had to make quick changes
before or after the Fort Battle.

Avery Shaw
Christian Dore
Claire Shayhan
Darien Wylde
Eleanor d'Eresbey
Lea de Leon
Madog Cochfarf (Og)
Rixende de Rouen
Rurik the Red
Thomas O'Toole
Vivaine Tarnfalk
Ysfael Bryndu

Gwenneth of Glamorgan
Southern Regional Rapier Commander

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