[Ansteorra-announce] Gulf Wars information

PortoFun portofun at ticnet.com
Sun Mar 28 14:43:25 PST 2004

Greetings All,

As we said earlier, there were so many people and groups to thank, that we
missed some very important information. 

Lady Donnel has reminded me of the work, valor, and courtesy of the children
of Ansteorra. We fielded 15 children in the youth combat field. They fought
long and hard for three days. We had to make them stop to drink and eat. If
we had not they would have fought from dawn to dusk.  Some served as royal
pages and then fought.

We want to thank all of the children for fighting and for Lady Donnel and
all others who assisted the children in experiencing such a magnificent

Our wonderful Baroness of Northkeep, Ana Maria de Mercedes de Cerdanya
brought the service information to Our attention as well.

Although we did not win the war point for service, We are still heartened at
knowing that Ansteorra, with aid from Our allies, lost by only 162 hours.
When you consider the sheer number of Meridians (1500 +), Trimarians (almost
500), and Middle Kingdom folk (almost 300) at the war, and that most of them
contributed their votes to Trimaris; 162 hours is an astoundingly small
number. There were 4000 tickets given out at the war. We only lost by 82.
Most importantly, the war ran wonderfully and everyone we know had a
fantastic time...we have these special Ansteorrans who performed over 30
hours of volunteer time at Gulf Wars 13 to thank for it: 

Ainar Magnusson 60 
Alina Mitchell 39 
Arkell Von Cophus 40 
Caelin 40 
Cynthia of Gates Edge 32 
Debora Giles 35.25 
Ebergardis von Zell 76
Gavin Macgiolla Rua 51 
Genevieve del Gamba 39 
Gerita del Mar 40 
Godwin of Eddington 40 
Kaitlyn McKenna 43.25 
Kandyce of Oakcliff 44 
Katerine 31.5 
Ker Megan of Taranswy 37.5 
Maya of Bjornsburg 48 
Melissent d'Aulney 60 
Mercedes de Cerdanya 40 
Rachael Macfinney 35.75 
Raimond George de Mora 50 
Randel Lee Smith 31.25 
Ruurik the Red 65 
Saldisa Mikaelsdottir 43 
Vaan Platz 33 

Extremely Proud of Ansteorra We Remain,

TRM Miguel and Conal

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