[Ansteorra-announce] EVENT: Gate's Edge 'Cour d'Amour', 10/8 - 10/10

Kelly Rhodes corsair at concentric.net
Fri Oct 1 14:12:43 PDT 2004

The Shire of Gate's Edge presents
Cour d'Amour: A Tourney at Joyous Garde
October 8 - 10, 2004
Camp Camwood (near Magnolia, Texas)

The mists of time part, and we see a group of medieval gentles, who have
gathered to celebrate a fine autumn day by recreating the legends of their
own misty past...

Lancelot du Lac calls all gentle lords and ladies to tourney at his castle,
Joyous Garde. Guinevere, the Queen of Love, and her ladies gallery will
judge who is most chivalrous among those who test their skills within the
lists and upon the field of battle. And you can be a part of it all!

Vie to represent the Shire of Gate's Edge as our CHAMPION of:
Armoured (aka Chivalric) Combat
Thrown Weapons

PLAY: Take the role of your favorite Arthurian character, joining our
Guinevere, Arthur and Lancelot to bring the company of the Round Table to
life once more, in brave combat and noble deeds. Or NOT so noble deeds, if
you prefer conspiracy, rumor and intrigue. Alas, we have heard that some are
whispering wicked things about the Queen and her noble champion, Lancelot.
(Please contact the Event Stewards to let us know what role you wish to

CHIVALRIC: Fight in the tourney before the eyes of the Ladies' Gallery, and
then in a 'for fun' melee as Arthur storms Joyous Garde to win back his
queen. All will be expected to demonstrate courtesy, honor and chivalry upon
the field (and off!), as the ladies will also be choosing their Champion of

ARCHERY: Gate's Edge is home to some of the finest and most dedicated
archers in the kingdom. Our own Lord Carluccio di Baia has created a
challenging target archery competition which will include a clout shoot and
a roving 3-D hunt. So come and hunt our woods armed with your bows, your
skills and your patience.

THROWN WEAPONS: This challenge seems to heat up year by year as more folks
discover this exciting sport.

EQUESTRIAN: The beauty and bravery of the riders and their noble steeds will
no doubt thrill spectators as well as participants.

BREWING: For the first time at Cour d'Amour, HL Eadric Anstapa will be
judging a competition for those who enjoy this subtle art. Surely there will
be time to taste as well!

DANCE: Lord Antonello has graciously assented to lead an informal dance
gathering in the afternoon. What would a day of romance be without dance?
Please come to watch, even if you don't wish to shake a leg yourself.

CHILDREN: Indeed there will be fun and games for the little ones, guided by
m'lady Alesone. Parents will be required to sign children in and out, and to
collect children promptly.

BARDIC: Sing your favorite songs, tell your favorite tales, hear of history
and heroes at our Bardic Workshop, where all may gather to hone their bardic
skills, thanks to Lord Brian O'hUilliam, the Bard of Gate's Edge.

FEAST: Our Feast Steward, Lord Vaclav Namatko, is concocting a menu of
French and English dishes in honor of the theme of the day. If you have ever
partaken in one of Lord Vaclav's feasts, you know that you will not leave
the table hungry!

1st remove
Bread, butter, cheeses, grapes, apples

2nd remove
Bread, butter, onion soup if the weather turns cool.
(Cucumbers in cream sauce if it's hot.)

3rd remove
Fire roasted bird with pomegranate sauce, sautéed vegetables with shallots

4th remove
Herbed beef from the smokehouse with savory wine sauce, grilled onions

5th remove
Four and twenty blackbird pie with custard sauce

We urge you to make your feast reservations now as they will go fast. Feast
fee is $8 adult, $4 ages 6 - 12. For feast reservations, please email Lady
Elizabetta de Medici at scarlettmb at sbcglobal.net .

Dance, sing, eat, and make merry as together we strive to recreate the
romantic idyll of Camelot. Who knows...there may be a surprise or two as the
day goes by...

Merchants are most welcome! To make arrangements, please contact either of
the Event Co-Stewards.

FEES: Site fee is $9 adults, $4 ages 6 - 12, ages 5 and under free. Site
family maximum fee $27. Feast fee is $8 adult, $4 ages 6 - 12. Make checks
payable to the SCA Inc./Shire of Gate's Edge.

Camp Camwood boasts plenty of camping space, so come out and stay with us,
and enjoy the fall weather. Pets allowed on leash with current WRITTEN proof
of rabies vaccination. Horses must have written proof of negative Coggins.
The site is WET in period containers ONLY, no hard liquor allowed.

Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Minors may attend
with a 21-year old or older adult with a signed and notarized Minor Event
Waiver Form from the parents.

Please visit the event website at  http://www.geocities.com/natashastorfer/
for directions and more information. More details will be forthcoming on the
Ansteorra-Announce list. Please feel free to contact the Stewards with any

Thank you--and we hope to welcome you to our Shire's fall event!

Lady Rixende la Serin Noir
serinoir at yahoo.com

Lady Evelun Lambert
corsair at concentric.net

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