[Ansteorra-announce] Rivers Run Battle for the Runnen

Morgana Vandya morgana_vandya at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 7 21:46:09 PDT 2004

There is a chance for everyone to desplay their prowress and talent coming up on the weekend of 15 October AS 39 (2004 in common reckoning).
The Incipient Canton of Rivers Rull will be choosing the Premier Champions in the following areas:
Defender of the Runnen                   Chivalric Competition
Defender of the Heirs                         Stick Animal Joust
Banks of the RIver                               A & S Competition
Voice of the River                                 Bardic Competition
Bow of the Runnen                              Archery Competition
Spear of the Runnen                            KAS Competition
Brooks of the River                              Children's A & S Competition
(There are some changes above that have been made since the announcement in the Black Star and on the Ansteorra site for Rivers Run.)
Bardic Competition is a three round elimination--song of choice, story or poem of choice, original or filk by bard.  This chooses the finalists. Final round is draw from the hat.  Titled bards are not eligible to compete....Sorry.
Any questions please feel free to email me or call me at (580) 763-5990.
Lady Morgana Vandya, Autocrat
Battle For The Runnen
Incipient Canton of Rivers Run

It's 'Keltic,' not 'Seltic', dammit! The Celtics (with an 's' sound at the front) are a basketball team. 

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