[Ansteorra-announce] Bryn Gwlad's 25th Anniversary: "The Field of the Cloth of Silver"

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Tue Oct 12 15:30:28 PDT 2004

Baron Thomas invites all to enjoy the beautiful pageantry of Bryn
Gwlad's 25th Anniversary:  The Fielf of the Cloth of Silver!   
Visit our medieval village of Castleton with its fine streets and
buildings, our many taverns, and our new theater!   There will be a
morning Grand Procession of all those competing for honor, while music
fills the air!   The day will feature great tournaments, competitions of
skill, and an exhibition museum of our history.  The evening will be
filled with fine feasting, a royal court, and bardic performances.     

Five champions will be chosen at this event:  Chivalric, Rapier, Archer,
Equestrian, and Bard.   

Those who wish to compete for these honors must send a Letter of Intent
to Baron Thomas and received before the Battle of Hastings (October
14th).   These letters may be on paper, parchment, leather, wood, stone,
or electronic, and should provide your Society name, any titles you may
have, which tournaments you wish to enter, and any other information
about your lineage, accomplishments, and/or quests you wish to proclaim.
Special prizes may be awarded for the best Letters of Intent received!

All those competing for honor are also asked to march in Grand
Procession to be held on Saturday morning before the tournaments begin.
Bannors and honor shields are requested, personal heralds are

Chivalric and Equestrian competitors should display their finest crests.

Rapier competitiors should display their best cloaks. 
Archery competitiors should display their finest equipment. 
Bards should dress to compliment their performances. 

There will be 3 competitions within each tournament, and champions will
be chosen from among the victors of these competitions.   Skill at arms
is important, however our champions must also inspire others.   Can they
express themselves well, or at least choose someone to write and speak
well for them?   Do they strive to look their best upon the field? Do
they yield advantages, or use those advantages to gain victory?  Do they
honor their opponents?  How do they pay homage to those whose inspire

We look forward to you visiting our fair Barony later this month.
For additional, detailed information, please visit our website at
Eule von Haginbald
Master Steward
Unus sed Leo

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