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Sean Gulick sean at utig.ig.utexas.edu
Wed Oct 13 16:06:46 PDT 2004

Greetings All!

There has been some confusion regarding the crests for the Chivalric and 
Equestrian fields at the upcoming Bryn Gwlad's Argent Anniversary event, 
the Field of Cloth of Silver.

His Excellency Baron Thomas requests Crests for Chivalric competitors to 
help recreate the pageantry of the event. These crests will not be used 
in actual competition (unless you choose to wear it during the fighting) 
but will be for show only. Crests should be approximately 4" wide and 9" 
tall, and might reflect some element in your arms; however, your crest 
does not have to be registered. Please, no stuffed animals or anything 
blatantly mundane. While not required, the fact that a noble striving to 
become Champion of Bryn Gwlad has put forth the effort to adorn his or 
her helm with a crest befitting his or her station as well as 
demonstrated a day of honorable feats of arms will certainly reflect 
well in the choosing of the Champion from among the Chivalric victors of 
the day.

Equestrians participating in the Bryn Gwlad Equestrian Championship are 
REQUIRED to have crests suitable for mounted crest combat. According to 
society regulations, crests should be no less than 4" tall (there is no 
maximum height requirement) and should be made of materials that cannot 
hurt the horse should it accidently hit someone or be stepped on (i.e. 
no nail-studded balls). Crests should also be re-usable (i.e. no 
styrofoam crests) since we will be fighting multiple bouts. Please, no 
stuffed animals or anything blatantly mundane. For more information on 
mounted crest competition, please refer to the Society Equestrian Handbook.

For more information see: http://bg25.swordworks.org/ 
<http://bg25.swordworks.org/equestrian.shtml,>  (note the crests section 
will be changed shortly to match the two paragraphs written above)

In service,
Sir Gideon MacLeod

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