[Ansteorra-announce] Important Information For Bryn Gwlad's 25th Anniversary

Eule eule at ecpi.com
Mon Oct 18 18:28:31 PDT 2004

Greetings Ansteorra!
"An event like no other" is a phrase that just won't adequately describe
what you will find at Bryn Gwlad's 25th Anniversary!  With less than 2
weeks until this historic event, we've put together a brief but
important list of the wonderful and exciting things which you can expect
to find when journeying to Bryn Gwlad this fall.
Friday evening:  
Baron Thomas and House Citadel will host a welcome for all in
attendance.  In honor of his upcoming elevation to the Order of the
White Scarf of Ansteorra, Lord Conor Drummond will be playing his prize
in the Curtain Theater.  In addition, Centurion Anton will be sitting
vigil in our very own castle in preparation for his elevatoin to the
Chivalry the following day.  
Baron Thomas will be hosting his 5 championship tournamentwills and
their Majesti es host their King's Lancer competition:
Chivalric Championship - barriers with crests, snowball melees and
castle melees 
Rapier Championship - individual combat, town battles and ship melees 
Equestrian Championship - mounted crest melees 
Archery Championship - speed, combat, creative targets
Bardic Championship (following court, 2 performances)
There will also be a thrown weapons competition, a jousting
demonstration and a list field pavilion decorating contest.
Food - Please visit the website for the menus and proprietors of all of
these fine establishments (http://bg25.swordworks.org/feasts.shtml).
-  Il Rubinetto Dorato (a public house) will be open both Friday and
Saturday evenings.
-  "al-Kwahi" (an Andelusian Coffee House),and "Passerculus" (Roman
tavern) will be offering lunch on Saturday for $5.
-  For dinner Saturday evening, choose from "al-Kwahi" or "Doroto
Pavone" (an Italian tavern) for $8, or the famed "Toasted Duck" tavern
(Gourmet Alsacian fare) for $15 (reservations required by 10/24/04.
Visit http://www.ansteorra.org/acceps/ACCEPS_ENTRY.php  to make your
Following dinner at these fine establishments, Court will be held in the
brand new Curtain Theater (http://bg25.swordworks.org/curtain.shtml),
which was graciously built by the property owner, Don Shamino.  Yes,
that's right; we have a theater in the style of the Globe Theater in
London (2 stories and everything)!  
In addition, our illustrious host has generously minted original coins
commemorating our event which can be traded with him for actual values.
Please see the website for values and beautiful commemorative coin
designs http://bg25.swordworks.org/coinage.shtml.
Saturday evening after Court you can visit the Bardic Competition,
visit "Il Rubinetto Dorato" once again and even visit Mistress Jehanne
de Avignon's Pelican reception (reserved for peers and nobles only,
In the morning there will be a Sidesword demonstration by Don Aeron
Harper in The Curtain Theater, follow by a Heavy Rapier List.
Please visit our extensive website for more detailed information.
Safe travels as Bryn Gwlad awaits your arrival!
Eule von Haginbald
Master Steward
Unus sed Leo

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